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About the center

At Bridge of Hope, we have a long history of working with clients to find the best possible treatment for their particular situation.

I n fact, we consider ourselves to be especially adept at finding exactly what treatment will work best for our clients! We’re able to accomplish this feat thanks to a couple of key advantages, including our commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of the newest addiction recovery techniques, and our extensive expert knowledge of addiction and addiction recovery treatment.

One of the most common treatments at a substance abuse treatment facility is the group therapy session, and there’s a few important reasons for that. For one, most of our clients find group therapy sessions to be entirely enjoyable. This might sound like anathema to you, but the simple fact is, after overcoming some initial apprehension, group therapy sessions may be your favorite part of the recovery process, as well. You may be familiar with the basic concept of group sessions thanks to television or movies: generally, the group sits in a circle of chairs and discusses any issues they might be facing with the group.

You’ll be surprised at how warm you can feel when you share your story with your peers at Bridge of Hope. And you may be surprised to find how much you gain from listening to their stories. Many of our clients feel that they have seen and heard it all, but you’ll find that hearing the tales your peers have to offer can still surprise you, and soon you will find how enjoyable it can be to learn from one another. In addition, many clients find that the group sessions allow them to form the foundation of a sober support network that can last for years to come.

How we work

In addition to group therapy, Bridge of Hope also offers individual therapy sessions.

D uring these sessions, you’ll meet with an addiction counsellor on a one-on-one basis, in order to better understand the underlying elements that inform your addiction. By spelunking into your mind and really discovering what makes your addiction tick, you’ll be in a much better position to face it head on and come out victorious.

Finally, for those clients who have families that have been affected by their substance abuse, we offer family sessions. During these sessions, the families of our clients will join the client and counsellor for a special session that focuses on healing wounds and building togetherness. Those affected by addiction have their own recovery journey to take part in, and that’s why we want to ensure that the whole family gets the care they need.

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