Drug Rehab in Richardson, TX

Those who are struggling with drug addiction require professional assistance to break free of the vicious cycle that is addiction. Whether you’ve been dependent for years or have just recently realized you’re addicted to something, professional treatment is mandatory. Before you do anything, you’ll need to admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. Once you have eliminated denial, you will enroll at Bridge of Hope Center and our drug rehab facility in Richardson, Texas.

Then, after overcoming denial, you will go through detox at our drug detox clinic in Richardson. While your body expels harmful toxins that have kept you dependent, you will need the love, care, and support of our professionals at Bridge of Hope. You will go through some unpleasant withdrawals, and will need adequate guidance to ensure the process is as comfortable and safe as it can be. Once you have gotten rid of your dependence, you will be ready to begin therapy and counseling.

You will meet with a personal counselor to first determine if you have what is called a dual diagnosis. Nearly half of all people with an addiction are also struggling with a co-occurring disorder that needs to be treated simultaneously if you are to overcome the addiction. This is normal and natural, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

Once you have determined whether you have a coexisting disorder, you will begin individual therapy and work on a personalized addiction treatment plan with your counselor. Your customized program will guide you into the rest of therapy and beyond. It will be designed to meet your needs and the requirements of your situation.

You will also work on what ails you in group therapy. During these sessions, you will share with the group, listen to the similar struggles of others, and exchange invaluable, insightful advice with them. The communal support you will experience will often last long after you have left our addiction treatment center in Richardson. It is perhaps the most crucial aspect of our treatment.

Then, as you go to leave our Richardson substance abuse clinic, your comprehensive treatment program and your network of support will help guide you through aftercare, when you will go home but continue treatment on your own terms. It is absolutely vital that you continue treatment diligently in order to stay sober. With the tools and resources provided by Bridge of Hope and drug rehab in Richardson, you will have everything you need to overcome your addiction and live a happy, healthy life.

You don’t have to do this on your own. Our professionals are waiting for your call to guide you through the intake process. Don’t wait in vain for it to get better, take control of your life today and call Bridge of Hope to set up an appointment for your free consultation at our Richardson addiction recovery facility. You won’t regret the day that you changed your life forever. Contact us today, and realize what freedom is.

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