Drug Rehab in Fargo, ND

Whether you’ve been struggling with addiction for a decade or have recently come to realize that you are dependent upon a substance, you’ll need professional assistance from a drug rehab center that can provide caring treatment with effective results. Luckily, Bridge of Hope Center goes above and beyond to treat our clients with compassion, love, and respect to ensure that they can eliminate their addiction to drugs and liberate themselves from the chains of dependence. Read on about our structured, personalized approach to treatment.

Supervising Detoxification

Before you can go through detox, you’ll need to admit to yourself and others that you have a drug addiction you cannot control nor overcome on your own. This is a part of the deliberate, constructive process. After you have eliminated denial, you’ll be ready to take on withdrawal in our Bridge of Hope drug detox clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. As your body purges the dangerous and harmful chemicals from your body, you will go through unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. With the proper supervision and guidance of our professional addiction specialists at our drug rehab center in Fargo, you can overcome the process as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible.

Long-term Therapy

After detox, you will begin the long-term process of therapy. First, you will meet with a personal counselor who will work you through dual diagnosis screening to create a customized addiction treatment program. If you have a dual diagnosis, you are like the half of all people with addictions that also struggle with an additional mental health issue. If you are struggling with coexisting disorders, you will need to be treated for both simultaneously to be able to break free from addiction. Once you have your personalized treatment planned mapped out with your counselor, you will begin treating your overall mental health in continued one-on-one therapy as well as group sessions.

Group therapy is another useful tool for overcoming addiction. While in these sessions, you will able to work on what ails you with the help of experienced and empathetic peers who are going through the same challenges. Together, you will exchange valuable advice and share your stories. The community that forms and the insight you are given will likely last long after you have left our addiction recovery center in Fargo.


As you get ready to leave our addiction recovery center in Fargo, you will need the comprehensive addiction treatment plan that was created for you at the beginning of therapy. These tactics will help you into your recovery once you have left our Fargo substance abuse clinic and will continue to support and guide you through sobriety. You don’t have to do this on your own. Call Bridge of Hope today to set up a consultation at our Fargo addiction treatment facility, and get ready to change your life. You won’t regret it.

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